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Eric Marciano, Director/Producer
"There is no greater filmmaking joy than sitting down with 100 hours of raw footage knowing that there's a great story waiting to be discovered," says filmmaker Eric Marciano who has devoted himself to the documentary genre for 20 years. Mr. Marciano lives and breathes the documentary form in its many variations.

Known for his understated but emotional style and clear vision, Marciano assembles footage into a seamless and powerful end product. Having started as a film and videotape editor has only created the firmest of foundations that has allowed Mr. Marciano to truly take advantage of the digital revolution. Digital editing has become an amazing nexus where video and film footage, motion graphics, photos, special effects, sound and music can all be worked together from start to finish. He hones his craft passionately. His award-winning body of work is refreshingly eclectic and compelling. With a keen eye in a diffused media landscape, his ability as a multifaceted filmmaker makes him uniquely qualified to take on a myriad of projects.
His other work includes independent films, commercials, music videos, corporate films and television programs. His production company, American Montage's client list includes HBO, The Discover Network, ESPN, A&E, Volvo, TV Guide, Philip Morris, Cliff Freeman, Bloomingdale's and Clairol. Marciano and his creative staff combine their vision, experience and ambition to create an atmosphere where both independent filmmakers and large media corporations can work together. Regardless of the chosen medium or genre, the approach is always straightforward and intimate with a focus on the larger cultural issues. [ more >> ]
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